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3N Contact Lens Care Kits


3N contact lens cleaning machine third generation

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Product Features:

  • 3N Restorer is the only cleaning machine that can remove 100% of the tear protein on the hidden eye.
  • 100% cleaning in just 30 seconds, ultra-quiet when cleaning

Other Information:

  • Dimensions 96mm*96mm*46mm
  • Charge 3V
  • Cleaning time: 30 seconds
  • Box material: medical grade ABS, medical grade silicone
  • Executive standard: Q/320501TNKJ001-2015
  • Technical principle: electrophoresis technology, the property of lacrimal protein colloid is negatively charged in a certain environment, moving to the anode in the electric field, adsorbing the protein, no dead angle in the whole process, achieving 100% removal effect