關孫六青藤系列木柄不鏽鋼三德刀, 切肉切菜萬用廚刀, 165mm, 日本製

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  • 芯材採用高硬度不銹鋼刀片,側面金屬易鋒利,既鋒利又可維護
    刀刃邊緣採用獨特的3級打磨工藝,使其更加光滑。 改善對食物的切割並提供鋒利的鋒利度
  • 手柄由優質層壓增強木材製成,具有出色的強度
  • 天然木材經過特殊加工處理,以利用優質木材,同時賦予其防水飾面
  • 刀片尺寸:165mm
  • 材質:刀片:不銹鋼複合材料(切割刀片:特殊不銹鋼餐具,金屬面:不銹鋼),底座:不銹鋼,手柄:層壓增強木材
  • 製造國:日本

  • The core material is made of high hardness stainless steel blade and the side metal is easy to sharp, so it is both sharp and maintainable
  • The edge of the blade has a unique 3-stage grinding process that makes it more smooth. Improves cutting into food and provides sharp sharpness
  • The handle is made of high quality laminated reinforced wood with excellent strength
  • Natural wood has been treated with special processing to make use of the good wood while giving it a water resistant finish
  • Materials: Blade: Stainless steel clad composite (cutting blade: special stainless steel cutlery, metal side: stainless steel), Base: stainless steel, Handle: laminated reinforced wood
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan

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