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Bio-Essence Bio Energy Snail Solution Repair Essence Singapore Brand

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Combines bioenergetic fluids rich in minerals and trace elements to make them more unique than general snail products. Concentrate a variety of essence ingredients, the molecules are more subtle, and more effectively penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin; snail secretion mucus contains rich allantoin, collagen and a variety of vitamins and other ingredients, which can strengthen skin repair, enhance the moisture and moisture of the cuticle; At the same time, it replenishes the nutrients needed by the skin to make the skin more delicate and smooth. The combination of bio-energy liquid enhances the skin's self-repairing power and restores the skin's original moisturizing and moisturizing skin. Adding highly effective moisturizing plant polysaccharides, such as Tremella polysaccharides and oatmeal, can double the hydration and deep moisturizing.

- High concentration snail mucus extract, effectively nourishes moisturizing and promotes skin repair ability
- Supplements collagen, skin is more delicate and smooth, enhances skin vitality
- Contains multivitamins to provide nutrients needed for skin, delay Skin aging
- Highly effective moisturizing, smoothing and thinning lines
- Soothing and soothing skin, enhancing skin's protection against external damage

Main ingredients:

Snail essence, bioenergy solution, tremella polysaccharide and oatmeal

After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount of essence to the face and gently massage to help absorb.