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Ideale Chef 意美廚 Kitchen Knives


Ideale Chef Italian Kitchen Ceramic Knife with Display Stand 5 Piece Set

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Product Features:

  • Italian kitchen ceramic knives are made of high-precision ceramic high-tech nano-zirconia Nano Zirconium Dioxide, which is manufactured by high-pressure forming and precision machining.
  • As a high-tech kitchen utensil, ceramic knives have the advantage that traditional metal knives can't match, which is the relative hardness. The ceramic zirconia hardness of Mineral Hardness is 8.7, second only to the world's hardest natural material - diamond (its Mineral Hardness is 10).
  • The ceramic knives are resistant to abrasion, high density and high hardness.
  • There is no capillary in the blade
  • It won’t hide dirt.
  • ceramic knives are non-metallic cast
  • It will not rust, and there will be no residual metal smell after cutting the food, which is safe and hygienic.

Other Information:

  • Product Model: 700048

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