日本貝印 (日本製) Type001 不銹鋼抗菌指甲鉗 M

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顏色: Black

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  • 尺寸分類:M
  • 刀頭形狀:弧形
  • 尺寸:9.5 x 1.9 x 2.2 cm
  • 指甲屑收集盒:有
  • 男女皆可使用的基本款指甲剪
  • (高品質日本製造,鋒利鋒利)使用日本不銹鋼刀片,防銹且鋒利。 易於使用的弧形刀片提供鋒利流暢的切割體驗
  • 方便的塞子盒:主機配有塞子盒,可防止指甲輕易散落。 它也是一個很棒的功能,可以在指甲切割後輕鬆處理
  • (包括用於光滑指甲的指甲銼) 主體附在經過蝕刻處理的指甲銼上。 剪完後指甲會光滑有型
  • 簡單的黑色調設計:該設計是經典的黑色裝飾,簡潔。 可以毫不猶豫地使用
  • Basic nail clippers that can be used by both men and women: The Nail Clippers series has a wide range of nail clippers in the seashell stamp. This is a classic nail clipper that can be used by both men and women
  • (High Quality Made in Japan with Sharp Sharpness) Uses a Japanese stainless steel blade that is rust resistant and sharp. The easy-to-use curved blade provides a sharp and smooth cutting experience
  • Convenient stopper case: The main unit comes with a stopper case that prevents the nails from scattering easily. It is also a great feature that makes it easy to handle after nail cutting
  • (Includes nail file for smooth nails) The main unit is attached to a nail file with etched processing. After cutting, the nails will be smooth and shaped
  • Simple design with black tone: The design is classic with black accents for its simplicity. Can be used without hesitation

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