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黃色小鴨 PiyoPiyo Bath Mats & Rugs


Yellow duckling PiyoPiyo bathroom safety mat Taiwanese


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Product Features:

  • The back is fixed in a suction cup design with good suction force to prevent accidental slippage.
  • Special embossing on the surface for better anti-slip properties.
  • The texture is light and easy to clean. You can change the seat as you like.
  • When children take a bath or bath, they can be placed in the bathtub or in the bathroom to prevent accidental slippage and make the baby safer.
Other information:
  • Before using, please wet the suction cup with water and press it on a smooth bathtub or tile.
  • Size: 12*12 cm
  • Material: TPR
  • Quantity: 6 in/group
  • Heat resistance: -20~80 degrees
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan