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Precidio Water Bottles


Precidio Drink in the box Sipper Cup Accessories 2 Capacity

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Product Features:

  • Safety material without environmental hormone bisphenol A, no plasticizer, no PVC
  • European and Canadian countries use Tritan materials to make outdoor sports water bottles and medical equipment
  • Through the US Food and Drug Administration FDA Safety Certification
  • The latest technology Tritan material: sturdy, durable, impact resistant, easy to wash, no residual odor

Other Information:

  • Please wash with warm water and neutral detergent before and after use
  • When cleaning in the dishwasher, only on the top shelf to clean
  • If the silicone pipette and sealing strip are damaged or loose, please replace the new ones
  • Please stay away from fire and discard the plastic packaging immediately after removal.
  • Cannot be frozen, microwaved, boiled, steamed, UV-sterilized
  • All of the above must be used by adults under the supervision of the side!

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