Suchprice® PU leather car cushion cover

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Suchprice® 優價網 Motor Vehicle Seating Made in China


Suchprice ® Univalent Network PU leather car cushion sleeve


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  • with long service life
  • can be used all year
  • Size fit for most car seats in the market
  • Ventilating, antifouling, wearable fabric
  • waterproof
  • Easy to clean, not falling
  • PU leather
  • settings include
    • 4-piece set: 2 front seat covers, 2 head pillowcases, 1 set of hooks
    • 9 sets: 5 individual head pillowcases, 2 front barrel seats, 1 back row bench seat sleeve, 1 back row backrest seat sleeve, 1 set of hooks