Suchprice® Reusable toasted sandwich toaster bag 4 pieces

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Suchprice® 優價網 Food Storage Bags Made in China


Suchprice® preferred price mesh reusable toasted sandwich toaster bag 4 pieces

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  • made of glass fiber and Teflon coating is made
  • of heat-resistant up to260°C
  • with soap water gently washing, cleaning and drying
  • can be placed in a dishwashing rack
  • non-stick and reusable up to100Times
  • eco-friendly
  • suitable for oven, grill, microwave and toaster
  • size:16cm x 16.5 cm

how to use:

  • the cooking time is for reference only, depending on the toaster of the type and preparation of the food, there may be some changes in the
  • toaster bag is mainly designed for the width of the groove of the toaster
  • when using a standard toaster, you may need to use thinner bread to make grilled sandwiches, and may need to be the sandwich into the bag and then compress
  • the sandwich into the toaster, and then the bag(opening up to put into the toaster, start cooking


  • toaster bag during use will get hot
  • from the toaster before removing it, before cooling it
  • never heated the toaster within the liquid
  • do not use a damaged toaster bag to prevent leakage leakage
  • before use thoroughly wash the toaster bag