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日本貝印 鬆弛熊鼻窿雞曲奇造型模具, 共2款, 日本製

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  • 單個包裝尺寸:170X130X20mm
  • 單個包裝重量:約40g
  • 生產國:日本
  • [材料] 樹脂(耐熱溫度70度)
  • 【內容】鬆弛熊打孔型,Kiiroitori打孔型,鬆弛熊推桿,Kiiroitori推桿

  • 洗滌時請注意邊緣。
  • 請勿靠近火源。
  • 檸檬等柑橘類水果或油脂中含有的萜烯可能會導致變質,因此請在使用後立即清洗。
  • 請勿在洗碗機或洗碗機中使用。會造成變形。

  • 第一次使用時,請用洗碗精清洗乾淨。
  • 使用後,請用蘸有清潔劑的軟布徹底清洗,並擦去水分後再存放。

  • Single package size: 170X130X20mm
  • Single package weight: about 40g
  • A country of origin: Japan
  • [Material] Resin (heat-resistant temperature 70 degrees)
  • [Contents] Rilakkuma punch type, Kiiroitori punch type, Rilakkuma putter, Kiiroitori putter

  • 【caution】
  • Pay attention to the edges when washing.
  • Keep away from fire sources.
  • Terpenes contained in citrus fruits such as lemons or oils may cause spoilage, so wash them immediately after use.
  • Do not use in dishwasher or dishwasher. will cause deformation.

  • [cleaning method]
  • When using it for the first time, please clean it with dish soap.
  • After use, wash thoroughly with a soft cloth moistened with detergent and wipe away moisture before storing.

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