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Soylent Nutrition Drinks & Shakes Made in USA

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Soylent Drink Plant Protein Meal Replacement Shake 414ml

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Our classic meal replacement shakes can provide your body the required comprehensive nutrition nutrition, including 20 grams of protein, 39 kinds of essential nutrients and 1 gram of sugar and slow-burning carbohydrates can help you send gas Want to science basis

Soylent vegetable protein powder contains 1 bottle -14 ounce bottle of alternative nutrition shakes, packaging may vary

Comprehensive nutrition meal: science-based nutrition, containing 20 grams of protein, 39 kinds of essential nutrients, and 1 gram of sugar

20 grams of vegetable protein: helps maintain lean muscle mass, muscle recovery and growth and satiety, so you stay healthy throughout the day

39 kinds of essential nutrients: 28 vitamins and minerals, amino acids + 9 + omega-3 + omega-6

Slow burning carbs: helps you keep and maintain the fullness of fullness

Meal replacement shakes / Nutritional Drinks

Suitable for vegetarians

made in America