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Windmill Publishing Windmill Watching comics and learning to swim! Swimming comics Taiwan imports over 7 years old

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Product introduction:
  • Introduction to swimming from shallow to deep, let the children start from the familiarity of water, and then practice to swim four, and teach the tips to swim faster and further.
  • Properly teach swimming four styles, freestyle, frog, butterfly, and Yang, and use the comic plot to bring out the rules of swimming.
  • Parents can try to guide children who are afraid of water to swim. It is a sport that can last a lifetime, and let the children have an interest in swimming through various activities to make them swim faster, better and happier!
  • Swimming is a sport that is suitable for all ages. It is a relaxed activity that not only makes your body healthy and energetic, but also gets an optimistic attitude.
Product Features:
  • Review Officer of the Republic of China Water Life Saving Association, Mr. Liu Junhong, Approved
  • Follow the comic story, as well as the professional graphic action, this summer, come to the swimming class together!
  • For children who have not yet learned to swim and are afraid of water, learning to swim will inevitably encounter setbacks. Follow the masters of the comics, starting with friends who are friends with water, and let the children learn to swim easily, and they can become powerful. Xiao Yong will be awkward! This book invites 7 top swimmers to open up the swimming practice method when they are young. How can they swim more?
Product Features:
Encourage children to learn to swim Five advantages:
  • Learn to swim for good health
  • Cultivate an optimistic, positive attitude
  • If you encounter setbacks, you can stick to it and go swimming.
  • Swimming allows children to grow physically and mentally
  • Let your child develop swimming expertise
Product Specifications
  • Publishing Club: Windmill Book Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Author: Windmill editorial group
  • Reading age: 7 years old or older
  • Barcode: 9789862234860
  • Size: 15*21cm
  • Published: June 2018

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