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Lotion & Moisturizer Discounts!

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💧Promo 1:5% off the brands listed below. (discounted price is shown directly during promotion)
💧Promo 2:Buy every 1 product, get 1 lotion & moisturizer product of the following brands at extra 5% off on top of the discounted price.

Aveeno: https://suchprice.com/en/collections/aveeno
Cetaphil: https://suchprice.com/en/collections/cetaphil
CeraVe: https://suchprice.com/en/collections/cerave
Curel: https://suchprice.com/en/collections/curel
Eucerin: https://suchprice.com/en/collections/eucerin
La Roche Posay: https://suchprice.com/en/collections/la-roche-posay
Linola: https://suchprice.com/en/collections/linola

Promo period: 2/26 - 3/1