0/3 Baby crib bamboo fiber cotton antibacterial mattress protection pad

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Product Features:

  • Natural bamboo fiber cotton, antibacterial + breathable
  • The baby is more than 10 hours a day in the bed, wet, sweaty, spitting milk, and using the mattress protector made of bamboo fiber cotton, can keep the mattress dry and hygienic at all times, natural bamboo fiber cotton has Multiple advantages:
    • Natural antibacterial
    • High permeability
    • The ability to absorb liquids quickly
  • Helps keep your baby's skin cool and the bed is dry

Other Information:

  • Two sizes, matching different beds:
    • There are two sizes, large and small, which can match the size of different cribs and avoid the position of the protection pad from the position
    • fine code: 50 x 80 cm
    • Large size: 60 x 100cm
  • Material: Natural bamboo fiber cotton