0/3 Baby Natural colored cotton newborn gift box 4 piece set 0-4 years old

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Colour: Garden Tea Party
Garden Tea Party
Little Star

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Product Features:

  • Colorless cotton fabric without added to the sensitive skin of newborns
  • In nature, colored cotton already exists.
  • The color of colored cotton is derived from its own genes, like the hair color of different races, and the color is rich and natural.
  • 0/3 baby COLLECTION Introduces 100% colored cotton baby bedding and brings out "four persistences" during production:
    • Educating land away from pollution sources
    • Do not apply chemical fertilizer
    • Do not spill harmful pesticides
    • No dyeing and bleaching
  • The high-grade and friendly natural color cotton is cultivated from the land away from pollution sources. It contains no harmful irritants, natural colors and soft texture.
  • Hooded bag. Let the newborn baby be surrounded by love
  • The newborn baby should adapt to the world of flowers and flowers that are completely different from the mother's stomach. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to have a sense of security. The baby is wrapped in a package, which not only has a warming effect, but also has a tight feeling to provide a sense of security for the baby. Color cotton texture tin to the baby's sensitive skin, let the baby feel love and warm ~

Other Information:

  • Material: 100% natural colored cotton
  • Hooded towel one piece
  • The four seasons are one piece
  • Cap One piece
  • Gloves Pairs
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees water temperature