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Suchprice® 優價網 Free Weights Made in China


Suchprice® adjustable dumbbell weight adjustable 4.53-40.8kg


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*Because the goods have a certain weight, please bring your own vehicle and other vehicles. *


  • Freely adjustable 17 weights from 4.53 to 40.8KG
  • Turn the adjustment button to the same number on both sides to adjust the weight. Adjustable weight only when placed on a dumbbell seat, safe and reliable
  • With dumbbell seat and handle, easy to store

Product Specifications..

  • Size: 44.5cm (length) x 22.5cm (height)
  • Dumbbell piece material: Silicone Steel sheet / nylon plastic
  • Handle material: plating (with anti-slip particles)
  • Weight..4.53 - 40.8 KG, gross weight: 44KG