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Aquaphor Lotion & Moisturizer Made in Mexico

SKU: 072140019464

Aquaphor Healing Ointment 198g

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  • 多功能解決方案可滿足寶寶的許多皮膚護理需求,Aquaphor嬰兒修復軟膏已被臨床證明可恢復光滑健康的皮膚

  • 通過將Aquaphor應用於因出牙,流口水的皮疹等引起的發炎和乾裂的皮膚,為寶寶的嫩嫩皮膚提供額外的溫和護理。

  • 使用Aquaphor嬰兒軟膏作為尿布疹預防霜,並在每次換尿佈時使用,以保護皮膚免受潮濕,酸性和擦傷的困擾,從而避免皮疹

  • 不含防腐劑和香精,特別適合嬰兒的敏感皮膚

  • Aquaphor嬰兒軟膏為白色至半透明的淺黃色軟膏

  • 任何地方使用的理想大小


Product Information:

  • Multi-purpose solution for your baby's many skin care needs, Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is clinically proven to restore smooth, healthy skin

  • Provide extra gentle care for your baby’s tender and delicate skin by applying Aquaphor to irritated and chapped skin from teething, drool rash and more

  • Use Aquaphor Baby Ointment as a preventative diaper rash cream and apply with every diaper change to protect the skin from wetness, acidity and chafing to help avoid rashes

  • Preservative and fragrance free, specifically to suit the sensitive skin of babies

  • Color variations occur due to the nature of the ingredients in the product, but do not affect product safety and performance. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is a white translucent to light yellow ointment

  • Ideal size for anywhere you change baby - One(1) 7 Oz. Tube