Ginger Heart Ginger Ginger Warm Black Tea Taiwan Brand

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Product Features:

  • Selection of organically cultivated black tea in Taiwan
  • The tea is fragrant and soft; the ginger is warm and slightly spicy.
  • Summer drink to prevent cold invasion.
  • Warming and warming the body in winter, promoting circulation, warming the stomach

Other Information:

  • Main ingredients: ginger powder, organic black tea
  • Applicable skin: mild texture, suitable for all skin types
  • Features: Strictly select the organically cultivated black tea from Taiwan and the ginger powder extracted from ginger juice. You can feel the warm and soft fragrance of the tea when you drink a bite. The spicy ginger is gently warmed to the teeth before entering the throat. Drink, let the body warm up, help digestion, remove the smell in the mouth.
  • Infusion method: Each time you brew 500c.c., you can punch back several times.
  • The best way to drink: Ginger warm black tea in the summer: the weather is hot and inevitably eat a lot of cold food, drink ginger warm black tea to prevent cold into the body to drink ginger warm black tea: warm the body, promote circulation, warm stomach.
  • Storage method: Please place it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight to avoid deterioration.

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