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Haenim third generation UV UV disinfection dryer

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Even if the appearance is very clean, there is a chance to hide the "dirt", which poses a threat to your health! Korea's UV disinfection dryer plays the role of guardian for everyone's personal hygiene, through the German OSRAM UV light tube The technology is capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria in 5 minutes. Moreover, the capacity is larger than that of the general disinfection machine on the market. It can accommodate 16 bottles. In addition to disinfecting bottles and other baby products, the disinfection machine is also suitable for other household items such as tableware, and is equipped with four modes of operation for convenient use. Different needs. Start with life programs to protect the health of every member of the family!

Other Information:

  • Using German OSRAM UV lamp
  • 4 modes are available
  • Can accommodate 16 bottles and their accessories
  • There are only 30 low decibels in operation
  • Memory function
  • Size: L: 375mm x W: 295mm x H: 425mm
  • One year maintenance

Korea Xilin UV disinfection dryer not only has excellent disinfection function, but also is easy to use. There are 4 modes including: automatic, disinfection, drying and storage, which is convenient for users, and has a stylish appearance. Aesthetic, can be used as a trend, enhance the style of the home!