JACK N' JILL Electric Music Toothbrush 3 years old or above Australian brand can be equipped with 2 special brush heads

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Product Features:

  • BPA free, PVC and plasticizers
  • Replaceable brush head design
  • Standable design to keep the brush clean
  • 3 kinds of brush head rotation mode selection, automatically stop the brush head rotation function 2 minutes after startup:
    • 1: Music mode (making children brush their teeth into fun)
    • 2: English brushing teaching mode (English reminds children to change the specified brushing position every 30 seconds)
    • 3: Silent mode
  • After completing the 2-minute brush head rotation function, the toothbrush will remember the selected and completed brush head rotation mode, and then when it is used again, press the start button to enter the last recalled brush head rotation mode

Other Information:

  • Applicable to age 3 or above
  • 1 box includes 1 brush head
  • There are 6 stickers to design your own toothbrush
  • Two AA batteries are required to start (the product does not include batteries)