Ginger Ginger Jasmine Green Olive Ginger Soap Taiwan Brand 120g

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Product Features:

  • Adding natural fiber products of ginger fiber, it has a mild texture and is suitable for general skin type. It is recommended for dry skin.
  • It contains jasmine essential oil and is full of elegant and elegant floral fragrance.
  • Olive fruit oil and olive seed extract have the effect of moisturizing the skin.

Other Information:

  • Applicable skin type: Suitable for general skin type and dry skin type.
  • Main ingredients: Ginger, jasmine essential oil, olive oil, olive seed extract.
  • Product Description: Bath soap extracted with ginger, jasmine oil, olive oil and olive seed extract. Jasmine with a delicate and elegant aroma helps to dry out the skin; olive oil and olive seed extract moisturize the skin and give the skin a moisturizing effect.
  • How to use: Bath, face, body, and ginger can be used as natural exfoliation.
  • Precautions: Please use the skin test for the first time. If the skin is not suitable after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.
  • Storage method: Please place it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight to avoid deterioration.