Nyammy貓貓廚具系列水果刀, 125mm DH2722

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  • Kai Corporation Nyammy系列
  • 即使你不是貓愛好者,你也會想要這個可愛的貓廚房小工具
  • 刀片易清潔不粘塗層
  • 貓爪印以 0.4 英寸(1 厘米)的增量印在刀體上,使其成為切割時的指南
  • 配有安全可靠的護套
  • 這個項目會讓你的廚房看起來很可愛
  • 刀片尺寸:125mm
  • 材質:刀片:不銹鋼(矽聚酯樹脂塗層塗層); 手柄:聚丙烯(耐熱溫度高達 212°F/110°C),護套:ABS 樹脂(耐熱溫度高達 212°F/100°C)
  • 原產國:中國

  • Kai Corporation Nyammy Series
  • Even if you are not a cat lover, you will want this cute cat kitchen gadget
  • Blade is easy to clean non-stick coating
  • The cat paw print is printed on the knife body with 0.4 inch (1 cm) increments, making it a guide when cutting
  • Comes with a safe and secure sheath
  • This item will make your kitchen look cute
  • Material: Blade: Stainless steel (silicone polyester resin coating coating); Handle: Polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature up to 212°F/110°C), Sheath: ABS resin (heat-resistant temperature up to 212°F/100°C)
  • Country of Origin: China

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