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Pathfinders Scale Model Kits Made in China

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Pathfinders D-025 Flying Pig 飛天豬模型

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包裝尺寸:7.4英寸長x 5.25英寸寬x 2.5英寸深



Kits to make mechanical marvels!

“When Pigs can fly!” has been a common term for those of us who find things unbelievable, but now that we have made one fly – everything is possible!

This easy to make kit has a fun and whimsical action; as the legs move and the wings flap, the pig makes an elegant circular motion and moves up and down. Paint it up to resemble you favourite pig super-hero, like Spider Pig, or even that greek Pig-God -“Pigasus!”

Takes about an hour or two to make, and you can use your own paint, feathers, googly eyes or pencil crayons to make your own flying pig come to life. See the painted models in the Gallery section!


Pathfinders have designed fascinating wooden mechanical toys that move with cams, levers and linkages. This wonderful flying pig is a joy to put together and makes a delightful ornament when completed. Turn the handle and he really flies!

This kit will stimulate imaginations of kids of all ages and teaches basic mechanics. Made with natural, untreated pine and can be painted or decorated and will last for many years. The kit comes with complete instructions, requiring only white glue, scissors and a ruler.

Suitable for ages: 9+ Years

Assembled size: 9” tall, 9” nose to tail.

Package size: 7.4” L x 5.25” W x 2.5” D

Additional images shown are painted examples only.

Great for artistic kids of all ages!

piggy pig pig