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Pathfinders Scale Model Kits Made in China

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Pathfinders D-026 Da Vinci Ornithopter 達文西撲翼機模型

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大約需要1到2個小時,需要一些建築經驗。 (花點時間,這座建築很有趣!)

組裝尺寸:約500 x 350 x 300mm

Flying has always been a dream of humans, and Leonardo's fascination with birds and flight was evident in his studies of birds and different human powered flying machines. His ornithopter design has captured the imagination of people for generations, and we have combined his cool flying machine with one of his bevel gear designs to make a neat working model with flapping wings and a pilot with moving arms and legs.

While it remains a mystery if his ornithopter design was ever fully made or tested at the time, there are many ideas (hanging in museums around the world!) of what it might have looked like, and we have added our ideas as well.

  • All pieces precisely cut and drilled, fitting together with pegs, or timber - slot construction.
  • Takes about 1 to 2 hours, with some building experience needed. (Take your time, the building is a lot of fun!)
  • Lots of interesting information about the way it would have worked too!
  • Ages 9+

Dimensions Assembled: 500 x 350 x 300mm approx