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Peg-Pérego VIAGGIO 2-3 FLEX child car seat 3-12 years old

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Colour: Red
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Product Features:

  • Peg Perego VIAGGIO 2-3 FLEX emphasizes "flexibility" as an advantage:
  • 4D high flexibility to adjust the system, the height of the chair, the width, the slope can be adjusted - FLEX!
  • The chair can be mounted on a 3-point seat belt or a seat belt plus ISOFIX in the car - FLEX!
  • The entire chair can be unfolded or folded in place - FLEX!
  • Let FLEX be their "family" friend; safe travel. Provides exact protection for young children aged 3-12.

Other Information:

  • 100% made in Italy
  • Flexible car safety chair
    • Children from 15 to 36 kg 3-12 years old
    • Forward installation
    • Two ways to use:
      • Use with three-point seat belts for cars
      • Use with car three-point seat belts and ISOFIX
  • International security equipment
    • Internal pop-up ISOFIX international universal connection kit for easy installation and improved safety and stability
    • Automobile three-point seat belts work with ISOFIX for double security
    • The seat belt guide is placed under the head cushion, making it easier for children to buckle the car's three-point seat belt
    • All-round protection system – ALL SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION
      • Thickening comfortable head cushions and left and right side flaps protect children's head and neck to shoulders - for side impacts
      • Aluminum metal reinforced back panel to provide the best protection against rear impact
    • In accordance with international standards: ECE R44/04
  • Folding. Portability is more flexible
    • Pull the seat back insurance button to fold the chair in half
    • It will be stored in the nibble after folding, and it will also prevent dust from attaching to the surface of the seat
    • After folding, you can clear the rear view for the driver without removing the chair.
    • Special hand-held position, portable take-in
  • 4D High Flexibility Tuning System
    • The head pad is set at 5 heights
    • The whole upper part (head pad and back) has 3 heights
    • Approximately 10cm width adjustment on the left and right wings
    • Set 5 slopes for the entire seat
  • Skinny. More intimate details
    • There is a color marking function in front of the ISOFIX connection kit, and you can see if it is installed at a glance
    • BLIND LOCK prevents accidental touch ISOFIX components unravel
    • There are pull-out drink cup holders on both sides of the seat, which is closer to life needs
    • The seat cushion can be removed for cleaning (the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius)
    • Product Weight: 6.7 kg
    • Product size:
      • [Folding] 25(H) X 44(L) X 60(W) cm
      • [Expand]66-82(H) X 44-54(L) X 60-66(W) cm