Yellow duckling PiyoPiyo baby latex pillow made in Taiwan

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Product Features:

  • Using imported natural latex from the United States, it is soft, comfortable and elastic, and has the functions of dustproof, moisture absorption and mildew proof.
  • Ignore allergies and prevent infant asthma. The pillowcase can be pulled out for cleaning, which is easy and convenient.
  • The special support design can protect the baby's head and neck 100%, which can promote blood circulation in the brain, so that the baby has no burden on the head and neck during sleep.
  • Special honeycomb hole structure enables natural convection of air, good gas permeability and no sultry heat

Other Information:

  • W43 x L21 x H3 cm
  • Applicable age: 0~12 months baby
  • Material: Table cloth: Cotton 65% Polyester 35% Pillow: Natural latex 100%

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