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日本貝印 鬆弛熊朱古力糖果矽膠模具, 共4款16格

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  • 單個包裝尺寸:250X145X20mm
  • 單個包裝重量:約 90g
  • 生產地區:中國
  • 材料/部件:
  • [材料]矽橡膠(耐熱溫度: 200
  • 度)(耐寒溫度:-40 度)
  • 【注意】這是用於糖果的模具。請勿將其用於其他目的。・不是烤模。不要在烤箱或微波爐中使用。請勿靠近火源。可能會導致變形和變色。使用輔助工具取出內容物時,請避免使用小刀等,使用木製或塑料工具。請注意不要接觸鋒利的工具。這樣做可能會造成划痕或損壞。在初始狀態下,可能會有矽橡膠的異味。逐漸減弱。沒有衛生問題。成分的氣味可能會轉移。可能會因食物附著而變色,但無需擔心衛生問題。

  • Single package size: 250X145X20mm
  • Single package weight: about 90g
  • Production area: China
  • Materials/Parts:
  • [Material] Silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature: 200
  • degrees) (cold-resistant temperature: -40 degrees)
  • 【Note】・This is a mold for candy. Do not use it for other purposes. ・It is not a tin. Do not use in oven or microwave. Keep away from fire sources. Deformation and discoloration may result. When using an auxiliary tool to remove the contents, avoid using a knife, etc., and use a wooden or plastic tool. Be careful not to touch sharp tools. Doing so may cause scratches or damage. In the initial state, there may be an odor of silicone rubber. gradually weakened. No hygiene issues. The smell of the ingredients may transfer. Discoloration may occur due to food attachment, but there is no need to worry about hygiene.
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