Suchprice® plastic dumbbell with 11cm connector

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*Because the goods have a certain weight, if you take it yourself, please bring your own vehicle and other vehicles. *

Please note:
The weights indicated below are not the total weight of the dumbbells, but the total weight of all the parts added.
(Total weight = Dumbbell piece + connector + handle)

Each item includes 2 dumbbell rods that can be assembled into a pair of dumbbells or a single dumbbell as needed.

For example: Buy a 20KG and assemble it yourself into a 10KG dumbbell or a 20KG dumbbell.


  • Attach the connector to turn the dumbbell into a barbell
  • Dumbbell surface material: PVC plastic
  • Dumbbell inner material: cement mixture
  • Weight: 10/15/20/30/40KG
  • The weight error is less than 0.5kg
  • Connector length: 11cm

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