Zooper® Blues Multipurpose Folding Stroller American Brand

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Colour: Purple
Deep Blue

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Product Features:

  • Integrated seat/sleeping box/reversing mode: It can be seated, reliable, semi-recumbent, reclining, seat reversing, perfect interpretation of the baby's various needs, just one step and easy to change various Mode
  • Two-way safety lock seconds: Safety is the most important part of Zooper®. Under the premise of fast delivery, we do not abandon safety and insist on using two-way safety lock to protect baby safety.
  • FOCUSRexTM Focusing Suspension: A new generation of focused suspension system, which can effectively focus on elastic contraction during earthquakes, reduce the shock to the baby, and cope with all kinds of road conditions to maintain a comfortable ride.
  • TRUStrollTM: Superior grip to ensure stability. The smoothness of the air-filled tire makes it easy to implement. Give your child the most comfortable ride
  • Adjustable handle height: Three-stage handle height adjustment, to meet the different height angles of the implementer, the whole family can find the most comfortable handle position
  • Large storage space: A large and well-received storage basket. When traveling, parents can have a shoulder-free and easy-to-load cart. It is also more convenient to store items when shopping.
  • The seat is free of time to close the car: You can quickly pick up the car without disassembling the seat, you can stand alone after the car is closed, you don’t have to worry about the car and have to care for the child.
  • Single-dual double-twist system: A single pedaling action locks the wheels on both sides, effectively preventing the danger of strolling when parking.

Other Information:

  • Seat height: 58 cm
  • Seat capacity (length × width): 85 cm × 38 cm
  • Handle height: 97 cm / 105 cm
  • Volume (receive length × width × height): 38 cm × 58 cm × 95 cm
  • Volume (length x width × height): 95 cm × 58 cm × 97 cm
  • Frame weight: 6.3 Kg | Seat weight: 2.9 Kg


  • Wipe the frame with a soft, soft cloth, then dry the excess water with a dry cloth.
  • Use a soft brush to clean the frame and the sand and dust on the sliding joints. Remember to use a brush to remove dust from the seams.
  • Use a sponge, warm water, and liquid soap to clean the dirt on the EVA handle, and then wipe off the soap remaining on the handle.
  • Use a brush and water to clean the dust and sand from the wheels. Every once in a while, remove the wheels from the frame and use a brush to clean the dust and sand from the axles and wheels. Store your Zooper® Blues and the accessories in a dry place.
  • Do not put it away to avoid mold.

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